Know Your Why

Everything we do is because we want to feel (or don’t want to feel) a certain way. What action do you want to see for yourself? Know your why you want that action and see how it effects your follow through.

Choose Plan B

If you are in the trenches of Plan A and notice that things aren’t working out where you are at, you have a few options. Here they are...

Raise Your Vibration with Sound

As homosapiens, we have a natural connection to sound because it is a vibrational force (just like us). This is why music has the power to move us – Literally! It can make us cry and heal or jump and twerk something. Here’s how to use music to raise your vibration.

Are Your Thoughts Hurting or Serving You?

Your thoughts are powerful; creating emotions that eventually produce your actions and results. If they aren’t what you need them to be, then it’s time for training aka mantra work.

Why Go Guided

I like to think of guided meditations as a training ground for your personal practice. The guide is much like a personal trainer, but for the mind. It's a privelege and a luxury when you find a guide that works for you (each one of course comes with their own flavor). It is beauitiful to …

The Best Meditation Advice…”DO YOU, BOO!”

There’s SOOO many ways to practice, so I encourage you to switch it up! Get fancy with it and combine a couple options and see what jives with you.