about Jess


My name is Jess and I am a certified yoga instructor, goal setting and mindfulness coach, single mommy of two, and a self-proclaimed personal development junkie. It is my life vision to live a full life that I enjoy fully and inspire/empower all I connect with to do the same.

All I create aligns with this vision…

  • I created The Mindful Glow Up, a goal setting workshop series that helps you reach towards your goals from a place of abundance and mindfulness rather than the preconditioned place a lack. I’ll be leading this workshop in-person at the Mothership Women’s Festival & Summit 2018.
  • I created a community for Yoga Teachers of Color in Los Angeles to come together, share experiences and learn from each other. Join the YTOC Facebook Group if you identify and crave the connection.
  • I am creating a movement that challenges the yoga/mindfulness industry norms in regards to teacher empowerment with Playroom LA. Playroom empowers creative mindfulness teachers to earn their value while sharing their passions with their community.

Let’s connect. Tune into my FREE meditations on Instagram Live every Monday at noon. And feel free to check that out or any of my upcoming events.

Jump in on any of my projects and dance with me. Whether you are wanting to work on your life goals with mindfulness coaching or partner on a project like Playroom, I NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU!

Can’t wait to meet that good vibe soul of yours…