Are Your Thoughts Hurting or Serving You?

Your thoughts are powerful. They are the ultimate influence on your results because your thoughts influence your emotions, your emotions power your actions, and your actions create your results. If you are not seeing the results you want, then take a good look at your thoughts. If you are looking and do not like what you see because you know your thoughts are not serving you, it is time to give transcental meditation a go.

This may sound like a sophitsicated and highly technical term, but transcendental meditation is really just long for mantra work. Playing with mantras during meditation forces you to first notice your natural thoughts then challenge your mind to try on a new thought that serves you.

First, think of a mantra/affirmation that will do you the most good in the moment. Once you have your mantra, sit with it during your meditation by matching it to your breath. Here’s an example from my own personal mantra work…Suppose you are feeling alone/overly-independent, and have chosen the mantra: I am supported. As you breathe in, say to yourself, “I am”; then exhale out as your say to yourself, “supported”. Imagine the words written out in your mind vividly: the color, font, size of the words. I AM SUPPORTED. Meditate on each word, each syllable, each letter. Whenever you notice your mind starting to wander, gently guide your thoughts back to your breath and your mantra, carrying yourself back into the current moment once again.

Your mantra work can even continue after your meditation. Write the words down, post it any/everywhere. Let them work as a reminder of what you want your thought to look like. When you notice your thoughts reverting back to thoughts that you’ve already admitted do not align with who/where/what you want to be, gently (and I really mean be gentle with yourself here) bring your mind back to your mantra. Notice the shift in your thoughts effect your emotions, actions and results. It’s as sweet as that.

Here’s a free audio guided meditation from yours truly that uses mantra to invite in whatever you need right now: guided-meditation.mp3

You can always tune in to the Sunday Slowdown live on facebook/insta this Sunday at 7:07pm to play a bit more. Or hit me up if you want to play with something one on one.

Stay dope!


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