Why Go Guided

I like to think of guided meditations as a training ground for your personal practice. The guide is much like a personal trainer, but for the mind. It’s a privelege and a luxury when you find a guide that works for you (each one of course comes with their own flavor). It is beauitiful to have a personal meditation practice where you spend time alone, but to have someone lead the space for you is a blessing. Here’s the four key benefits to having guided meditations as an add to your personal practice:

⏳Time Keeper: the guide observes the space and the time. If you want to commit to a 15 minute meditation, you can rest assured that the guide will have that piece covered.

🙅🏽‍♀️Distraction Breaker: the guide gives you cues to remind you to remain in the present moment by drawing your attention to your breath, movement, mantra, etc.

💆🏽‍♀️Reassurance Creator: the guide puts you at ease, removing any questions like, “Am I doing this thingy correctly?” You can learn tools from the guide that you can use in your personal practice as well, knowing that you are using the tool correctly.

🤝Accountability Partner: the guide puts your meditation on the calendar. You are meeting another person and will be more unlikely to drop that appointment. (This piece of course especially holds true when your guided meditation is in person). I challenge you to put your meditation practice on your calendar though (whether in person with a guide or going for a timeout on your own).

When looking for the perfect guide, keep in mind that your meditation time and space is sacred. Be mindful of those that you allow into your space to absorb/give energy. You have a say. If something doesn’t feel right then it probably isn’t. Keep searching till you find the one that does.

Here’s a free audio guided meditation from yours truly that uses mantra to invite in whatever you need right now (click the link below). More details on this style of meditation coming in tomorrow’s post.


You can always tune in to the Sunday Slowdown live on facebook/insta this Sunday at 7:07pm to play a bit more. Or hit me up if you want to play with something one on one.

Stay blessed!


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