The Best Meditation Advice…”DO YOU, BOO!”

The most common misconception about meditation is that it must look a certain way. When you hear the word meditation, your mind may create an image of a bald guy wearing a toga, sitting cross legged, repeating OM aloud. Accordingly, many people believe that in order to meditate, you must be sitting up tall with your eyes shut, not moving a muscle, in complete silence, hushing your mind, and for extremely long periods of times. If any part of this long list of dos and don’ts seems difficult to carry out, we naturally want to chuck the entire idea of starting a meditation practice.

But the wild thing is that all of the “requirements” listed above are only options/suggestions. Your meditation practice does not need to look the bald guy’s or any other particular way, and can very well change from day to day.

To clarify: You do not have to be sitting, your eyes can be open, you can add in movement with your breath, you can meditate to music or chanting, and your meditation practice does not have to be very long at all.

In all, there’s SOOO many ways to practice, so I encourage you to switch it up! Get fancy with it and combine a couple options and see what jives with you.

During the Sunday Slowdowns we have been talking plenty about different types of meditation practices (there’s so many!). The Sunday Slowdown will take a slight shift as we talk more about using mindfulness to achieve our goals through The Mindful Glow Up. I will continue the discussion on different ways to meditate here on this blog daily – YES, DAILY (starting next week). Follow along to get your daily dose!

Stay Curious!

❤ Jess

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