Declare a ‘Do Less Day’!


A Do Less Day is not a national holiday (but wouldn’t that be nice!?!). It is instead a personal commitment to take things a bit slower for a day.


Our to-do lists are always 10-miles long, resulting in this impeding need to start checking boxes as soon as we open our eyes till the moment we settle back into bed (and often times we are still on ‘do more’ mode way past bedtime, allowing the white lights of our phones to demand our attention for a bit longer). Do less because operating on the normalized “do more” mentality leads to burnout, and burnout results in under productivity. How are you able to give your all to something when your well is empty? There wouldn’t be anything to give.

A great example of this is a computer. If you never turn off your computer, it will begin to run slow and some applications won’t even perform correctly. Once you turn off the computer and allow it to reboot, the performance increases tremendously. Our minds work in this same way. They are always on and working overtime nowadays, especially with technology as an increasing constant. Technology is growing in speed and our minds are expected to keep up without the same reboot! Give your mind the well-needed and often overdue reboot by doing less.


My fave addition to a Do Less Day is a bit of yoga (and not always in the traditional form). We touched on this idea in the most recent Sunday Slowdown, but I must repeat here; you do not have to take a yoga class to do yoga. You don’t even have to be moving physically to do yoga. Yoga in the simplest form is “the cessation of the modification of the mind”. The mind is constantly at work. Yoga gives the mind the opportunity to rest, giving it permission to chill tf out. The asana (yoga poses) are added as you draw your attention to the placement of your body and the rhythm of your breath. Moving INTENTIONALLY is key here! This can be done in an intense hot yoga class or sitting on the couch (and anywhere in between), by bringing your attention to your thoughts, emotions, breath, and body as you move about your day.

A bigger way to incorporate yoga is to of course get on your yoga mat. This (like everything else in your life) is a choice. If you choose to bring a physical practice into your Do Less Day, let your mat be your sanctuary for the entire time you are connected to it (whether it is for just 15 minutes or 1.5 hours). You can take a class at your local studio, or find a community class (check out the chocolate chip yoga list if you want to find some fun flavor), or follow along to a youtube video, or (my personal fave) just let your body flow however it needs to in this moment.

Recognize how you feel before, during and after your practice. I can guarantee you will feel a difference. Yoga is a form of mindfulness and self-care. In yoga, you are moving mindfully, intentionally with the breath. There’s always so much going on around us (so many things to do and places to see). Yoga gives you that opportunity to tune out; a gift of peace in such a busy world.


  1. Declare a Do Less Day
  2. Mark your calendar
  3. Commit yourself to it.

A Do Less Day should not just be an annual commitment; I actually recommend making it a continuous celebration – monthly, weekly, or better yet daily. Try it out for one day (or even part of a day). Mark your calendars, and commit yourself to do less that day.

I’ll be taking a Do Less Day on Saturday and will be doing a bit of pampering on Sunday – Happy Mother’s Day to me! 🙂 If you tune in to the Sunday Slowdown this weekend, you will see me in all my green-face-masked glory as we talk more on this idea of a Do Less Day. Mud up your face with me if you’d like (wtf not!!?!?). This Sunday Slowdown will go live at 7:07pm on both Facebook AND Instagram @jessmkimbrough (if the technology goddesses allow). Catch you there!

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