How to Become a Moon Believer

New Moon this…New Moon that. In case you’ve been living on another planet, you have heard a great buzz this weekend about the new moon. I myself am participating in two different new moon events, and I’ve seen many others floating around. It is becoming a craze! But the moon and its effect on us is a phenomenon and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

I wanted to share some insight for any who are curious about this whole moon phase thing. The moon is a powerful force. It’s gravitational pull controls earth’s waters causing the tides – it’s science. It also has a similar affect on our bodies, which is understandable since (like the earth) our human bodies are made up of roughly 70% water. As the moon goes in its rotation, it pulls at our beings in different ways creating a cycle of energy surges.

If you are skeptical, I get it. I was at first too because it is admittedly hard to grasp just by considering the theory. I didn’t become an emphatical believer in the lunar effects until I did some moon mapping of my own. Moon mapping  is, “attuning to and utilizing the lunar phases as a principal guide for organizing aspects of your life, including career, romance, social, etc.” (Latham Thomas, Own Your Glow).

How to Moon Map

Note when the new moon and full moon will be on your calendar. From there, you can moon map each month, setting intentions at each new moon. Then build on those intentions until they come to fruition at the full moon. Then you will shed and let go of things that no longer serve you as the moon approaches the new phase once again. Lean into the lunar cycle and let it work for you!

If skeptical, you can first just observe how you are throughout the cycle. You will notice that you will naturally want to be more to yourself and self-reflective at the new moon, and more social and ready to make things happen at the full moon. Challenge the theory and find out for yourself; you will no doubt become a moon believer.

I’ll give you the dets on how to moon map tonight (4/15/18) at the sunday slowdown on Facebook. Stay blessed and dope.

Click here for the recording of the live video… ⚠️ Full warning: This is covered in two separate videos because of technical difficulties (the link to the second video is in the first) AND the picture keeps breaking up in the second, but the sound is perfect! A lot of great nuggets in this one if you are curious/skeptical of lunar affects. I wish mercury was in retrograde at the time of recording so I could blame the tech issues on her.

Stay Curious!

<3, Jess

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